Hilarious Texting FAILs Are Here To Make You Feel Better About The Stupid Texts You’ve Accidentally Sent

by 2 years ago

Thankfully, I’ve never sent any texts so stupid I lose sleep at night. I can be sitting in bed, ready to fall asleep, and remember some stupid shit I said years ago and suddenly be wide awake (this happens regularly).

Like the time I went to a party which hired midgets as performance artists but I didn’t actually see them at the party, and only found out later. As we were walking down the street and someone told me about the room full of midgets I blurt out ‘THERE WAS AN ENTIRE FUCKING ROOM FULL OF MIDGETS?!?’ only to hear ‘yeah, that was us’. I look forward to see a couple, a midget couple, walking past us. They’d previously been at the party, and every time I think about this moment in life I cringe.

I tend to dwell on shit like this, but thankfully I’ve never texted something so stupid I lose sleep over it (like the texts above).

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