Hodor From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Now Going On Tour As An EDM DJ And Of Course The Tour Is Called ‘Rave Of Thrones’

Would you watch Hodor on stage dropping bass? Because I sure as fuck would. Apparently the actor Kristian Nairn, known for playing Hodor on Game of Thrones, is taking a short break from acting so he can go tour Australia as a DJ.

“Already an established DJ in his homeland, Hodor will be ‘showcasing some of the deepest house from all seven kingdoms during his six date ‘Rave of Thrones’ Australian tour, with a Game of Thrones dress-up theme, of course, on the cards in all cities.
Special guest Ego will be playing a visual Game of Thrones set in support, while Hodor himself will be indulging his lesser-known penchant for carrying the party vibes deep into the night.”

Via Mix Mag

I’m all for Hodor gettin’ his rave on, but what the fuck? This came completely out of nowhere, at least for me. On the other hand, the man’s gotta have other hobbies aside from saying “Hodor” on blast, so kudos for being decent enough at being a DJ that people would actually pay to see you live. We all have “those friends” who like to “DJ” and “mix their own songs”…and by putting all of those in quotes I mean those friends actually suck at anything involving music. Go knock’em dead, Hodor.