The Honest Trailer For ‘Batman V Superman’ Takes No Prisoners And Trashes Anyone And Everyone Who Watched It

Did you enjoy Batman V Superman? No? Well you’re a cynical asshole whose standards were too high for such a stupid superhero movie. You loved it? Well then you’re an idiot for liking such a stupid superhero movie. Everyone gets their asshole torn larger in this Hones Trailer review, and rightfully so – the only people who came out of the theater winning were the ones who fell asleep in the first 10 minutes, or the people who didn’t bother to watch it at all.

I, personally, did not see Batman V Superman – and I’m perfectly content with that. Maybe one day I’ll pirate the film and watch it for free, but judging from the unanimous “It mostly sucked, even if I did like parts of it” reviews, I’m not missing much.