Who Was That Hot Wildling Mom From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Last Night?

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Did you see Game of Thrones last night? I hope so. This season has been slightly lackluster but DAMN did shit go down last night, and if you missed it then you should be embarrassed. But last night’s episode wasn’t just about Jon Snow kicking ass and taking names, or that giant named Wun Wun literally stomping zombies and not giving out a single fuck to anyone — it was about a hot wildling mom and her two kids…but mostly the mom.

In case you don’t remember who I’m talking about, skip to the 30 second mark of this clip to jog your memory:

Yeah, THAT lady. Sure she’s covered in dirt and has grimy hippie dreadlocks and is wearing ~50 lbs. of clothing, but you can tell she’s hot. Don’t even try to lie to me.

So who is she? Her name is Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, a Danish actress born in 1982 who’s been in a few film and television roles you most likely haven’t seen. Then again, if you got dragged along to see Pitch Perfect 2 with your girlfriend sometime recently, she was the hot German blonde woman during a…sing-off? I don’t know, I haven’t seen the movie:

But don’t let the makeup and fancy camera angles fool you, she’s hot in real life too. Via her Instagram account:

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Have missed this great company!

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