Bryan Cranston And James Franco Attempt To Eat ‘Wings Of Death’, Made With The Hottest Sauces On The Planet

It’s the season finale of Hot Ones, which is kind of funny considering it’s just a YouTube show and seasons are irrelevant.

Alas, for the Season 2 finale of Hot Ones they were able to get Bryan Cranston and James Franco on the show to eat wings drenched in some of the spiciest hot sauces on the planet while talking about facial hair and what life was like before being famous. This all goes down while James and Bryan are pumping their new movie Why Him?, something they’ve been doing non-stop for the past few weeks…Seriously, every time I flip on my TV in the morning or late at night I see one of these dudes in an interview.

I kind of love how going into the interview the hose was building up Bryan as a man who can handle all sorts of heat because he was exposed to chili peppers while filming Breaking Bad. And James was unabashed about his inability to choke down ridiculously spicy food….But they both played along and tried their hardest to crush the Wings of Death. Truly a pair of gentleman dedicated to their craft…that, or they’re thinking about those millions they got paid for this film and want to make sure it’s a success.

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