Here’s How Louis CK Tells A Joke, Broken Down Step By Step, And It’s Wildly Fascinating

If you’re an aspiring comedian and/or just someone who appreciates a good laugh then you’re going to find this fascinating. Someone broke down one of Louis CK‘s jokes, step by step, to show how the secret sauce of Louie’s comedy gets made.

A great joke is not just about only delivery or just great writing structure. There are a confluence of factors that go into a comedian writing the perfect joke, and Louis CK has pulled this off countless times throughout his career.

I just had a thought pop into my head and I want to run this buy you bros to see how you think this would play out in the world of stand-up comedians…If you were to take the exact process of Louis CK’s joke writing and joke structure and apply it to your own jokes, is this plagiarizing another comic’s jokes? Comedians are VERY quick to call out plagiarism on jokes because jokes are all they have, but what happens when someone rips off another comedian’s exact style/process? Answers/thoughts down below in the comments…

(h/t r/videos)