Someone Figured Out How Many Days Bill Murray’s Character Spent In Punxsutawney During ‘Groundhog Day’

Simon Gallagher from What Culture did what no man could be bothered or could care to be bothered to do before: figure out how long Bill Murray spent repeating the same day over and over and over in the movie Groundhog Day. According to Gallagher, Bill spent 12,395 days in Punxsutawney, which equates to 33 years and 350 days.

How’d they arrive at that number? While the film only shows Murray repeating the day 38 times, director Harold Ramis stated on the DVD commentary that he spent about 10 years in Punxsatawney, then went on to say that it could’ve been even LONGER than that due to how many new skills Murray learned. With that in mind, Gallagher calculated how long it would take to master each skill Murray displayed in the film and came up with the following:

Learning the sequence: 42 days
Find Cowboy Outfit: 1 day
Watching Heidi 2 at the movies: 100 days
The Seduction of Rita: 4 days
Becoming fluent in French: 4380 days
Date fails: 8 days
The Suicides: 20 days
Learning ice sculpture: 3833 days
Card flipping: 180 days
Learning the piano: 3833 days
Total: 12,395 – or 33 Years, 350 days

So really, Murray wasn’t lying when he thought he was going to spend an eternity in Punxsutawney:



[H/T Metro]