An Expert Explains How To Tell If People On ‘Making A Murderer’ Are Lying, Especially Teresa Halbach’s Ex-Boyfriend

Remember Teresa Halbach’s ex-boyfriend, Ryan Hillegas? He was the guy who was somehow able to guess Teresa’s voicemail password as well as her email username/password. While Making a Murderer never explicitly states that the guy is lying through his teeth, look at him:

Dude looks like the tip of a chode that got spritzed with a can of black spray paint, i.e. he’s totally lying through his fucking teeth. But how can I be so sure he’s lying? Truthfully, I can’t – but the above video, using clips from Pamela Meyer’s TED Talk “How to Spot a Liar” interspersed with scenes from Making a Murderer, sure as shit makes a convincing argument in my favor. Throughout the entire documentary I always felt like there was something off with both Hillegas and Teresa’s brother, Mike. Couldn’t put my finger on it and I still can’t, but something about their “Oh look at all these coincidences where’s my sister she’s missing hmmmmmm let’s go find her WHOOPS there she is!” act didn’t ring true with me. And if we’re being honest, yeah part of it is because, like I said, one of the two dudes looks like a chode – but if the above video has any credibility whatsoever (which it does), then it looks like both the Calumet and the Manitowac police departments should’ve been giving these two a little more thorough of a look-over than what they actually ended up doing.

Oh, and in case you missed it there’s a real plausible theory floating around about how both Ryan Hillegas and Mike Halbach had a part in framing Steven Avery — and that even Sergeant Colborn helped.