Listen To Bill Murray’s Fascinating Interview On ‘The Howard Stern Show’

Bill Murray was on The Howard Stern Show this morning, giving a fantastic 77-minute interview covering a breadth of subjects, including how he gave a speech at George Clooney’s recent wedding, growing up in Chicago, what it was like working on Saturday Night Live and filming Caddyshack back in the day, and why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. It’s an absolutely fascinating conversation with the beloved, enigmatic comedian, including moments of very frank candor. For example, check out how he discussed why he doesn’t currently have a girlfriend after his second marriage ended in 2011, noting that he doesn’t think he’s lonely, though “it would be nice to go to some of these things (i.e.: The George Clooney wedding) and have a date…” Via

For example, Stern asked Murray “Is there something you question in your own life on why you haven’t found that great love of your life?”

Murray’s response was refreshingly frank and honest:

“I do think about that,” “I’m not sure what I’m getting done here. I have kids that I’m responsible for. I don’t think I’m lonely. It’d be nice to go to some of these things to have a date. There’s a lot that I need to do that I’m not doing. We’re kind of ugly if we look really hard.”


“I don’t have a problem connecting with people. My [issue] is connecting with myself. If I am not really committing myself to that, then it’s better that I don’t have a different person.”

“Not to diminish a relationship with a woman but I can’t take care of another relationship if I can’t take care of the things I really need to take care of the most. It’s not a selfish thing . . . it’s just sort of an obligation.”

Woah. That just got DEEP.

Awesomely, The Howard Stern Show has released the entire interview on Soundcloud for a limited time. It is mandatory listening for all Murray fans:

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