This Bouncer Got An ‘I Love Justin Bieber’ Tramp Stamp For Charity And You’re Gonna Need To See This

Jamie Young has a big heart for charity, and now he’s got a big ass ‘I Love Justin Bieber’ tattoo emblazoned across his lower back for all of time. In an effort to raise just £1,000 for charity Jamie Young, who’s a bouncer, told people that if they were willing to pay an extra £2 in admission to the Sky Fest II event (whatever that is) he’d get ‘I Love Justin Bieber‘ inked across his lower back.

Well, he managed to hit his goal of £1,000 and here’s the finished product:


The Metro UK reports:

‘Last year I was working as a doorman, but this year I was asked to help with organising the event,’ Jamie said. ‘I decided to help raise more money for charity I would come up with a stunt and do something stupid so I got the idea of getting this tattoo.
‘I then posted on Facebook if we raise £1,000 for charity then I would get a tattoo saying “I love Justin Bieber”. When I came down to it we had people paying £2 more on the door just to help us get over the £1,000 mark.’
After festival goers paid £5 on the door instead of the cheaper £3 tickets, the bouncer managed to raise £1,200 for Make Some Noise charity.
The tramp stamp should sit well with his other unusual tattoos, including the Playboy bunny logo, Hello Kitty logo and a few Pokémon characters.

The good news for him is this tattoo exists, and therefore he’ll never known as the person with the worst tramp stamp in the world:


Make Some Noise is a non-profit charity that raises money to combat childhood cancer, so while you can knock his tattoo all you want you certainly can’t rip on his motives. For more on this story you can click on over to Metro UK.