Ice Cube Creates Twitter/Instagram Accounts So That He Can Respond To Comments From Fans And Trolls

In order to promote his upcoming film Fist Fight with Charlie Day, Ice Cube’s been doing more media appearances in the past week than the total number of dudes ex-porn star Mia Khalifa ever even banged on camera (before she retired). He’s been everywhere. On the late night shows, on Facebook, and now on YouTube with GQ.

For this clip, Ice Cube‘s created Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Quora, and Wikipedia accounts to go around the Internet and respond to both fans and trolls asking questions about Ice Cube. Do the fans believe it’s actually him? How the heck would I know? He didn’t respond to any of my 10,000 daily tweets about Anaconda (1997) or Friday (1995). After those two movies, I sort of stopped paying attention to Ice Cube’s film career because he peaked so early on and if you’re spending money on movies like Ride Along 3 you need to be second guessing every life decisions you’ve ever made.

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All of these social media accounts are legit, and if you want to verify his answers you can follow the links to Ice Cube’s Twitter, Reddit, and Yahoo! Answers.

(h/t GQ YouTube)