Iggy Azalea Is In A Blood Feud With Papa John’s And It’s Spellbinding

by 4 years ago

All Iggy Azalea wanted was a delicious Papa John’s pizza. What she got instead — allegedly — is a gross violation of her privacy and a deluge of texts and calls from over-excited fans.

And on Grammys weekend no less!

This, of course, is shocking. Papa John’s has a long history of keeping things under control.

Papa John


You can read Azalea’s //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js“>complete saga here to get the full scope of her outrage.


When the pie-making company realized what was going on, they tried to apologize in a humorous matter. Iggy was not having it.



Bored of this yet? Well, hang in there because DiGiorno’s is about to swing in from the top rope.

The pop star’s crusade against Papa John’s is still unfolding.

Man. As much as we enjoy Iggy’s tunes, how can we be expected to turn our back on our old friend Cheap Pizza Chain?

This fight will surely rip families apart as it continues. Say your prayers, America. Things are getting very real.


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