Judging By This Infographic Of Every Drink 007’s Drank On Screen, He’s Drunk Somewhere Right Now

James Bond is a man that likes to drink. A lot. No one who values their life would ever dispute 007’s penchant for drinking.

He also enjoys beating the shit out of bad guys, saving the world, and then drinking when he’s done with that, too, as evidenced by the below infographic chronicling Mr. Bond’s alcoholic indulgences since the 1962 release of Dr. No.

By the numbers, Bond drank far & away his most in Casino Royale…but, I mean, that’s what normal people do at casinos, so it totally makes sense that an MI6 secret agent would probably do the same.

In total, 007 has consumed nearly 200 drinks on-screen (by my quick approximate count) in his career spanning more than 50 years now.

That’s nearly 200 more than me, so kudos, Mr. Bond. Ku-dos.

[via Reddit]