Faith In Humanity Finally Restored Because All iPhones Autocorrect ‘Lardass’ To Literally The Greatest Thing Ever

iphone autocorrects lardass to kardashian


Oh, this is just plain glorious. Someone has discovered that by typing the word “lardass” into a text, “Kardashian” shows up as a suitable replacement for “lardass,” along with “lard asshole.” And it’s true. I tried it myself and there it was, appropriately sitting dead center.


Now this might be a little premature, but I’m not sure any autcorrect will ever come close to topping this.

As TMZ mentions, defines “lardass” as “a person having an unusually large buttocks.” Fair enough. But still, when I type in “assclown” it doesn’t autocorrect to “Carrot Top,” nor does “legend” autocorrect to “Larry Bird,” even though they really should.

So it looks like the dev team at Apple wisely decided to have a little fun during those endless late hours of coding, programming, and screaming at each other. Sadly, the Kardashian army will be bitching about this incessantly until the tragic lardass issue is fixed, which will probably happen before the day is out.

TMZ has reached out to Apple for comment and/or explanation — “oh, that’s just a bug, we’ll fix it!” — but so far have heard nothing back.