Apparently Irina Shayk Was Not Mad At Bradley Cooper And Instead Just Has Really Bad Allergies

So yesterday I ran a story about Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk getting into a fight at Wimbledon. Which, honestly, I don’t really care about, I just saw it as a great opportunity to make a bunch of side chick jokes. Which, in hindsight, may have not been my brightest idea, since Bradley actually seems like a pretty chill dude who I’d love to crush a few cold ones with. Which will probably never happen since I essentially just claimed he had a side chick with no evidence whatsoever.

Anyway, according to TMZ, the fight was not only not serious. It just didn’t happen at all.

Via TMZ:

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk didn’t have a heated argument that drove her to tears … she just needed some Claritin … according to people who know them, anyway. The longtime couple made headlines at Wimbledon when TV cameras caught them having what appeared to be a lovers’ spat. Irina was wiping away a tear, and Bradley seemed pissed.

But sources close to the couple tell us the supermodel was simply battling allergies. As for Bradley’s apparent side-eye? We’re told he was actually talking to retired tennis star Stefan Edberg, who was sitting next to Irina. TV cameras didn’t show Edberg, which made it seem like Bradley was peeved at Irina.”

Here’s the photo I found yesterday as evidence of the fight.

Here’re the same photos, different angle, of Bradley talking to his friend while Irina lets her allergies stew, that I found today.

And here they are like five minutes later, laughing at each other. Also, I found this today.

I’ll slurp the sauce on this one, bros. I fucked up. I just got blinded by the potential content heat my side chick jokes could garner. My bad. I’m just a blogger out here finding those stories you want to show your buddies. Next time, I won’t let some pretty decently constructed jokes (in my opinion) about famous people blind me as such.