Ja Rule Claims He Beat The Shit Out of 50 Cent With a Baseball Bat, And 50 Took Out A Restraining Order Against Him

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The Ja Rule vs. 50 Cent feud is a story as old as time. While the public perception is that Fiddy came out on top, Ja has a very different account of events.

The self-proclaimed King of New York, best known for a starring role in the 2002 Steven Seagal vehicle, Half Past Dead, went on Hot 97 this week to promote his new book, “Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming a Man,” and finally set the record straight about all things 50. In the hysterical interview, he not only claims that he and his goons beat the shit out of 50 in Atlanta with a baseball bat, but he goes so far as to say that 50 and fellow G-Unit group member, Tony Yayo, took a restraining order out on Ja. For the record, Ja is 5″6, and I don’t think I could ever take a restraining order out on a dude who is shorter than my sister.

Mr. Rule doesn’t just call out 50 for losing the fight, he straight up asserts 50 isn’t a real thug. “He’s buff… he’s got his intimidating little snarl… and people fall for this shit… but really, he’s not that dude… but people don’t realize that because of his demeanor.”

Check out Ja’s hilariously animated account of how things unfolded in the video below. After watching this, I think I’m back to being a big Ja fan. And props to the team at Hot 97, they know how to do a good interview.

The good stuff starts at 4:54 and goes to about 11:30.

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