Here’s Jack Black Doing Whip-Its With Eric Andre Then Taking An Electroshock Lie Detector Test

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Jack Black Does Whip-Its


I’m going to be honest with you bros, I haven’t watched The Eric Andre Show once yet because up until now I didn’t even know what channel it’s on (and that’s BAD because it’s been on four seasons already). You see Eric Andre everywhere in the media lately and he’s well on his way to becoming an A-List TV personality based on the hype that’s building, but I haven’t see what his show’s all about until now.

Below we’ve got two clips. In the first clip Eric Andre and Jack Black take whip-its. Now, if you’ve never taken whip-its before you should know this: it’s one of the most intense highs imaginable but it’s also one of the shortest, only lasting for ~30 seconds. So to make Jack Black submit to a lie detector test ‘on whip-its’ is kind of foolish because he’s 100% no longer high. Here’s the thing: whip-its makes you incredibly dumb for hours (sometimes days) after doing them. So in this case, Jack Black’s cognition is still affected and he’s covered in the whipped cream he spit up while getting high as fuck. In the first video they do whip-its and in the second video Jack Black submits to a lie detector test that shocks him anytime he gets an answer wrong:


I guess I should be watching The Eric Andre Show from now on…

…(h/t r/videos)…

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