Jason Derulo Falls On His Face At The Met Gala? He Didn’t, But Apparantly, The Internet Wishes He Did

Jason Derulo falls

Getty Image

What’s with all the Jason Derulo hate? I mean don’t get me wrong, I find the guy annoying as fuck, but I don’t hate him enough to spread a rumor that “Jason Derulo falls” at the annual Met Gala and post images alluding to that rumor.

Who would do such a thing? Oh, only the entire fucking Internet.


The photo in question was from the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and the guy looks absolutely nothing like the singer, even with his ankles up above his ass.

Oddly enough, even Derulo found the tweet and pictures of “Jason Derulo falls” humorous and posted a reply to his Twitter account.

I hope this Jason Derulo falls gag starts a trend. I’d love to see people making up random shit about celebrities at Red Carpet events. “OMG Bradley Cooper just shit behind a tree at the Oscars!”

Actually, I’d believe that. I bet Cooper takes some huge dumps in public places.

[via Complex]

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