Jason Sudeikis on Smoking Up, Plus 4 More Thing We Learned From His High Times Magazine Interview

He writes most of his SNL material, as opposed to let other writers do all the dirty work:

But no public outcry ensued. Sudeikis, who writes much of his own material on SNL, deftly turned the situation on its head by having the Devil express outrage: “I’m the Prince of Darkness, but I’m not a monster!”


He allegedly only drank twice in college at Kansas, which is weird. It's Kansas, what else is there to do there besides basketball and cowtip? Plus, I've been to Lawrence before. I call bullshit:

But growing up in Kansas, “I was straight and narrow,” he says. “I didn’t drink; I didn’t do anything. I think I drank twice in college.”


He was kind of an annoying stoner when he started to smoke early in his career at Second City Las Vegas:

“I guess that would have been my maiden voyage,” Sudeikis says. “I was like the kid who tries pizza with barbecue sauce and thinks he’s discovered something that no one has ever thought of before. I was that annoying kid who just heard the Beatles for the first time and tells everybody about how great the Beatles are, and everyone’s like, ‘Yeah, we know.’”


Sometimes he writes after toking. You know, to enhance the creative process and all:

But in time, he says, pot began to play a distinct role in his creative life. “When I write,” he explains, “I usually start with an image and try to see if the image can sustain an emotional narrative. In sketches, there must be some sort of story going on, some sort of point. It’s something I was taught at Second City and still believe in.”

However, pot can get in the way of this process. “It can make it really tricky,” he says. “I mean, the world’s really wide open – and if you’ve got all those doors open in your head, you’re going to be knocking around and walking in and out of a ballroom forever. But once you’re seeded with an idea or an image, pot does allow you to blue-sky it for a while.”


He's all about legalizing it: 

Asked about the recent ballot initiatives, Sudeikis says it gives him some hope that our nation’s cannabis laws are improving. “I think it’s great. I’m not overly political,” he adds. “Some think that people who make jokes and wear wigs and talk in goofy voices shouldn’t be taken too seriously. But for me, it seemed like a no-brainer. It just seems silly – we can get drunk on Sundays. I think between marijuana laws and same-sex marriage, the next generation will look back and be incredulous, the same way we view the civil rights movement and spraying black people with fire hoses.”


Sadly, no mention of how much ganja he smokes with his Rockchalk Jayhawk gal pal, Olivia Wilde.

Go read the whole interview at High Times

I think we could all use more voodoo lobsters in our life. I really hope he wrote that line after a few bong rips.