Jay Leno Was SO LUCKY To Walk Away From This Gnarly, Flipping Car Crash

Jay Leno Crash


If there’s one thing Jay Leno loves, it’s cars. The former late night television magnate is renowned for owning one of the most impressive car collections in the world, boasting approximately 286 rides spanning decades upon decades, with a total valuation somewhere north of $300 million. Must be nice, eh?

When it comes to classic cars, there’s not many Leno hasn’t taken for a ride in his days.

Enter the 2,500 horsepower Hurst Hemi Under Glass Barracuda. An absolute beast, driven by legendary stuntman Bob Riggle, a seat in the classic ride has been something that Leno has pined for since his early youth, when he first fell in love the drag strip.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 2.45.12 PM

At 80-years-old, Riggle offered Leno a chance for a ride in the absurd machine for an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, when the worst happened. For only the second time in his 50 years behind the wheel of the ‘Cuda, Riggle wrecked it as Leno sat shotgun. The car tumbled over time and time again down the bank of the racetrack they were unleashing it at, and both guys are lucky to have walked away – thanks in big part to the advancement of safety equipment in racecars.

After some back story, the wreck sequence starts at the 3:15 mark, and IT. IS. GNARLY.

Yeah, that’s definitely not how Jay Leno pictured his first ride in the Hurst playing out. Luckily, both guys were able to walk away from the wreck, and Riggle can be heard saying the car should “only need a new body,” which is great news for that work-of-art Hemi engine seeded in the rear.

Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel
, bros.

[h/t CarBuzz]


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