Jean-Claude Van Damme Shows He’s Still Got It By Recreating ‘Kickboxer’ Dance Scene

Even at 54-years-old, Jean-Claude Van Damme can still kick ass. On Monday night, the “Muscles From Brussels” was on Conan talking about remaking the 1989 classic Kickboxer. While on the subject, O’Brien asked Van Damme if he could recreate the legendary dance scene from the movie and he obliged to the delight of everyone.

With his sweet JCVD hat and sunglasses (Sorry no parachute pants) he reprised his role as Kurt Sloane and began to rock that body. He then started dancing like your drunk uncle at a wedding who thinks he still can dance with younger girls. And just like the movie from 26-years ago, JCVD kicked some fucking ass!

Unfortunately it does not seem that Van Damme can do the ball-crunching split any more because it was sadly missing from his routine. He better start working on his flexibility because we need that split in Kickboxer 2.