Epic Jean-Claude Van Damme ‘Kill Counter’ Shows Just How Many People He’s Offed In His Films

We’ve already seen how many people Sylvester Stallone has killed in his movies, so it only makes perfect sense that Jean-Claude Van Damme gets his own kill counter video too, doesn’t it? I mean, JCVD has DEFINITELY put away more than his fair share of bad guys over the past couple of decades.

Granted, JCVD didn’t quite make it to 500 like Stallone did, or Schwarzenegger for that matter (which you can also check out below), but he did crank out 393 kills so still not too shabby.

The creator of the video, Benjamin Combes, was even were nice enough to spell out the criteria he used to make his Jean-Claude Van Damme kill counter…

1. Guns, blades and projectiles always kill unless otherwise depicted.
2. Close proximity explosions kill unless otherwise depicted.
3. Indirect kills as a result of an explicit action by JCVD count.
4. Kills must occur on screen.
5. Dream sequences, fantasies or movies within a movie count. If it’s on screen, it’s a kill.
6. People that are killed more than once count each time.
7. If you hear the neck break, it’s a kill.

All works for me!

For comparison purposes, here’s Arnold’s kill counter…