Jennette McCurdy Has a Pretty Funny Web Series Making Fun of Her Life

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We’ve been pretty big fans of Jennette McCurdy ever since she threw in the towel at the whole tween-star thing after her Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat self-imploded. McCurdy has been pretty adamant about addressing Hollywood’s bullshit on Twitter and via Reddit AMAs (along with calling out dudes for fapping to her). Her next career move is a bit of an interesting one: Mocking Hollywood and its shallow, cruel ways of eating the young talent that grows up in its fame-driven pressure cooker. She released a web series called What’s Next For Sarah? and, while most web series tend to suck, this one satirizing her career is actually pretty damn good.

Like all professional hustles, sometimes you just need to level out. I totally get where McCurdy is coming from. I also think that with a couple of clutch roles, she’s going to blow up into a household name over the next few years, beyond just the tweeny Sam & Cat crowd.

The first episode:

The second episode, in which she goes to a house party and Bros the fuck out:

The third episode, in which she sees a shrink and gets recruited for a role. Oh, she also pretty clearly seems to be making fun of hot mess Ariana Grande:

The fourth episode,

Episode 4 from What’s Next For Sarah? on Vimeo.

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