Can We Add Jennifer Lawrence To The INSANE List Of Sexy Women Chris Evans Has Allegedly Hooked Up With?

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If reports are true, and why wouldn’t they be, uber-bro Chris Evans, 34, and Jennifer Lawrence, 25, have been dating.

Not only have they been dating, he’s even been over to her house for, get this, pizza. Yes, it’s THAT serious.

Reports Hollywood Life

“It’s very new,” a source told Life & Style inside their Feb. 1 issue. “They just started seeing each other a couple of weeks ago. Only their closest friends know.”

Of course, Jennifer and Chris have one very special mutual friend in common: Chris Pratt, 36. The two men are friends after their Super Bowl challenge back in 2015, and Jennifer has been working with Pratt on their upcoming film, Passengers. Could he have helped push her into Evans arms? However, the report shares that Jennifer’s bestie, Amy Schumer, may have also had something to do with her hot new hook up.

“Amy had actually been pushing Jen to date him, telling her how hot Chris is and how crazy she’d be if she didn’t go for it,” claims a source.

“They’ve only gone on two dates so far, but they have been texting each other and talking on the phone,” a source shared, revealing how the early stages of their relationship are going. “They even had a pizza and movie date at Jen’s place.”

Yet another amazing notch in the impressive belt for Captain America whose alleged list of sexy famous girlfriends can be rivaled by very, very few men.

Take a look…

2007 & 2012 – Minka Kelly

minka kelly

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2011 – Dianna Agron

dianna agron

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2011 – Stacy Keibler

stacy keibler

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2007 – Emmy Rossum

emmy rossum

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2006 – Gisele Bundchen

gisele bundchen

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2004 to 2006 – Jessica Biel

jessica biel

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1999 – Kate Bosworth

kate bosworth

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Also on that alleged list of hookups, but not pictured, are Lily Collins, Lucy Pinder, Sandra Bullock, Vida Guerra, Christina Ricci, Kristin Cavallari, Ashley Greene, Naomie Harris and Amy Smart.

Chris Evans is no Leonardo DiCaprio, but he’s certainly no slouch either.

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