Jennifer Lopez Revealed Some Of Her Bedroom Secrets And Pretty Much Admitted Making A Sex Tape

jennifer lopez sex tape

Watch What Happens Live

About a year and a half ago Jennifer Lopez was in the news because she was reportedly trying to keep a sex tape she and her ex-husband Ojani Noa allegedly made from going public.

We haven’t heard really much of anything about it since, even though Noa’s business partner said they were going to release it and it was “going to shock her fans.”

Now, however, amid rumors that J-Lo and Alex Rodriguez are hooking up (J-Rod? A-Lo?), Lopez made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with her Shades of Blue co-star Ray Liotta.

During their appearance host Andy Cohen had them play a game called “50 Shades of Blue” in which they had to answer questions about certain preferences in the bedroom.

When asked about handcuffs in the bedroom, Lopez replied that it depends on her mood.

With regard to threesomes J-Lo was quick to say no, while Liotta said it depended on who the third person is. Nice.

Lopez was against bringing food into the bedroom for sex play, but said that she prefers to keep the lights on. “I like to see,” she said.

Then Cohen dropped the big one. “What about videoing yourself in action?” he asked.

Lopez kind of hesitated so Cohen pressed on asking, “Have you ever, J-Lo?”

Her facial expression pretty much spoke for itself. Check it out.

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