This Jeopardy Contestant’s Anecdote About Himself Is The Worst Story Told In Human History


Meet physics student, Dan Tran. Last night, Tran told a story on Jeopardy during the “Story Time With Trebek” part of the show that made me want to jam pencils in my ears. Tran’s anecdote was about that hilarious time he thought the sun was the moon while on a student trip to France AND OH MY GOD STOP TALKING NO ONE CARES, TRAN.

The silver-lining: Tran finished the game as co-champion so he’ll be back tonight with another show-stopper of a story! What could possibly be next? Everyone knows you come out swinging with your top-drawer tale on night one in case you don’t win. And if Tran’s inability to decipher between the sun and the moon as a youth was the best story he could muster, I can’t wait to see what tonight has in store. He’ll probably talk about why his jaw moves in a thousand different directions when he speaks. Actually, that would pique my interest. I hope he goes that route.



[H/T Uproxx]