Jerry Seinfeld Did A 5-Minute Set On ‘The Late Show’ And You Definitely Need To Hear His Take On Doughnut Holes

by 3 years ago

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld began a string of appearances at the Beacon Theater last night where he will be performing once a month for an entire year. Seriously, it runs all the way to December 2nd, so no excuses if you fail on this mission because you have a full fucking year to catch the greatest non-cursing comedian of all time.

So, in the interest of working in a pregame shoot-around as a warm-up for what will be completely unreasonable expectations of newfound genius, Seinfeld did a five-minute set on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show.

The focus of this particular set? Mostly FAT, and the existence of FATNESS.

Don’t worry, there were no “what’s the deal with…” type bits. It’s all new stuff and a pretty damn good sampling of what’s to come.

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