Did Jerry Seinfeld Accuse a Popular Movie Of Stealing His Jokes?

Every year, Jerry Seinfeld inches closer to being that bitter old comedian who thinks the world of comedy owes him a favor. His latest target — a kid’s movie who Seinfeld claims ripped off a ten year old “joke.”

Yesterday, Seinfeld took to Twitter — the place to file all grievances —legal or otherwise — to complain about a storyline in the new Lego Movie.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsIn case you don’t have a clue what Jerry is referring too, perhaps this will jog your memory.

Seinfeld is claiming a thirty second bit in an American Express commercial from 2004 about Superman not being a fan of the Green Lantern was turned into a subplot for the Lego Movie. Superman and Green Lantern argue throughout the movie. Oh, sorry, SPOILER!

Apparently, Jerry thinks the world has memorized those commercials, especially the brains behind the kid’s flick that pulled in $69.1 million dollars. At least $12 of that belong to the disputed king of comedy. Not only is Seinfeld claiming they ripped him off, he’s taking shot at the movie.


If Jerry should be pissed at anyone, he should be mad at himself. He ripped off his own idea. Those unfunny Superman commercials with the Man of Steel and the Man of Don’t Steel driving around in an old car were the precursor for the unfunny Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

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