Jim Carrey Got Bugs In His Beard While Feeding Birds From His Mouth

Jim Carrey was once a hilarious comedian and prolific actor. He was the Golden Boy of Hollywood and every movie he starred in killed it at the box office. Then he decided to foolishly crusade against life-saving vaccines and throw away all of his legitimate social capital. He also walked away from promoting Kick Ass 2 after copping his paycheck, claiming he wouldn’t promote the film because it promoted gun violence. Jim Carrey, clearly, is a conflicted man.

While stepping away from the limelight for a while, Jim Carrey grew out an infamously unkempt beard. He also took some time to connect with nature. Above, you can see clips of Jim Carrey feeding birds from his mouth like a real-life Ace Ventura would. Only, Ace Ventura was cleanly shaven and the real-life Jim Carrey ended up with mites in his beard from those birds because SPOILER ALERT, those birds are wild animals and aren’t regularly bathed and treated with chemicals to keep them safe from things like mites, ticks, etc.

“I couldn’t sleep at night, I was itching everywhere” — Jim Carrey, after feeding wild animals from his mouth.