Jimmy Fallon And Bill Hader Could Not Stop Laughing In This Outrageous ‘Tonight Show’ Skit

On Thursday night, Bill Hader guested on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and the video below is is exactly what happens when you put two fucking hilarious people next to each other in a skit that involves spitting assorted foods all over because of the laughable phonetics involved in saying “Point Pleasant Police Department” and a slew of other “P” words.

The skit lasted nearly eight minutes, of which, Hader and Fallon had a very hard time keeping straight faces, busting out into laughter on numerous occasions. Outrageousness like this is usually reserved for SNL, where both comedic journeymen got their start.

Who knows how long Jimmy Fallon and Bill Hader have been waiting to do the ridiculous “Point Pleasant Police Department” sketch, but who cares, because it was hilarious in every aspect. Especially how they’d run back to Fallon’s desk in between the segments, as if everything was just peachy.

Well done, fellas.