Watch Bill Gates Trick Jimmy Fallon Into Drinking A Glass Of Poop Water


A few weeks ago we posted about how Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had found a way to turn poop water into drinking water. Instead of regurgitating all of that information, I’ve neatly copied and pasted it below:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is literally changing the world. They are doing wonderful things to raise the standard of living for impoverished people and nations. From helping eradicate diseases to improving literacy rates, it is one of the best charities out there.

One thing they are also working on is finding clean, potable water for people in third-world nations. One solution they have is really freaking gross.

It is called the Janicki Omniprocessor, which turns people shit into people drinking water.

Would you drink a glass of water if you knew it was made from poop? I probably wouldn’t. But you know who would? Jimmy Fallon. Er…he would if you tricked him into it. But who wouldn’t drink poop water if you tricked them into doing it?