Britney Spears Pranked Jimmy Kimmel By Breaking Into His Room In The Middle Of The Night Wearing Not Much At All

Jimmy Kimmel has a long history of getting pranked at home in the dead of night. John Krasinski (Jim from The Office) has been terrorizing Jimmy for several years now, and Jimmy’s often responded in kind. Until now though I’m not sure we’ve seen that ‘3rd Player Has Entered The Battle notification but Britney Spears just dove head first into the deep end by working with Jimmy’s wife.

Now I must ask: is it really a prank if fine AF Britney Spears is breaking into your room wearing a skimpy outfit she’d most likely wear in a music video? Billionaires would pay millions for this privilege and millionaires would sell their first child to see Britney Spears wearing that outfit in their bedrooms in the middle of the night but Jimmy Kimmel just got that privilege for free. If anything I think he should buy his wife an extravagant gift for hooking this up…

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