Jimmy Kimmel Got Elderly People To Share Their Sex Secrets And This Is LOLOLOLOLOL

by 2 years ago

Something that Jimmy Kimmel Live does better than the other late night comedy shows is ‘man on the street’ style bits. Yesterday, after discussing an alarming spike in STD rates amongst the elderly, Jimmy sent one of his reporters out into the wild to speak with some old folks about sex. He wanted to find out firsthand what’s causing the nationwide epidemic in STD’s amongst old folks (it’s Viagra, that’s the only reason).

What transpired is actually a hilarious look at how the eldest generation in America is still timid (sometimes) when talking frankly about sex, while other times they share too much information. You’ve got the one lady encouraging the use of vodka in the bedroom, another lady saying she won’t divulge secrets, and another talking about how sex as an elderly person is awesome because you won’t get pregnant.

The best part? The dude trying to tell a joke about being on top/bottom, but he’s so old he can’t get the joke right and butchers the entire thing. That’s the Winter of your life in a nutshell. Still young enough to take a pill and get it up, but too old to make jokes about it.

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