Jimmy Kimmel Talked About How Awkward It Was Being Part Of Manny Pacquiao’s Entourage

Jimmy Kimmel Manny Pacquiao

Getty Image

In case you didn’t catch Manny Pacquiao’s ring entrance on Saturday night you may have missed one oddly-dressed Jimmy Kimmel following along behind Manny. Yep, Kimmel was right there in Pacquiao’s entourage dressed up like a long lost member of RUN-DMC for some reason. Sure, it was pretty hilarious, but why was he there, we wondered?

Turns out that when Manny Pacquiao was on Jimmy’s show he asked Manny if he could “be his Justin Bieber” because Pacquiao “doesn’t have a sexy teen idol in his camp.” Surprisingly, especially to Jimmy, they took him up on it.

This all led to one point just before the fight where Kimmel was left alone in the dressing room with Manny Pacquiao and well, it was about as awkward as one could imagine for a guy wearing gold chains “and this stupid hat.”

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