Jimmy Kimmel Annihilated The Huffington Post With This Comeback, And It Was Glorious

Apparently, the Huffington Post thought that Jimmy Kimmel shouldn’t be the guy discussing Megan Fox’s pregnancy with her on live television. Why? Well, I think we can let some of Kimmel’s past work speak for itself, namely The Man Show, which was the literal antithesis of pregnancy chat. Still, though…worth a call-out on Twitter?

Ehhh definitely not, seeing as Jimmy Kimmel had no qualms telling the Huffington Post to MIND THEIR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS, and told them off with this glorious comeback for the whole world to see.

Boom. Roasted, HuffPo! Maybe next time you’ll think before you go @’ing people on social media, attempting to discredit their work before doing your due diligence.

After the BURN, the reaction of the Kimmel corner was splendid…

For what it’s worth, the line of questioning that led the HuffPo to call out Kimmel was as follows, with the reasoning being that “women are not obligated to announce they’re pregnant.”

KIMMEL: You were not pregnant at all … Now it’s like, BOWM. A baby came right into your stomach.

FOX: There was a human growing in there. Yeah, I was definitely pregnant. I was already in my second trimester. I just had on, like, three pairs of Spanx and we were really harnessing that in.

KIMMEL: Do you feel, in a way, like you lied to me by coming out here pregnant and not indicating it in any way?

FOX: I mean, do you feel like I owe you that sort of intimate information?

KIMMEL: Yes, I do.

Kinda much to do about nothing, huh?

Regardless, if ya come at the Kim, ya best not miss.