John Mayer Tweets That His Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Swift’s Birthday Is The ‘Lamest Day Of The Year’

I’ve been fangirling pretty hard about John Mayer since he showed up at a JRAD show in October and jammed for the entire second set with the greatest Grateful Dead cover band in existence. John Mayer gets slammed in some circles, but here at BroBible I’ll defend him to the death on being one of the biggest Bros in existence — Dude has been on a roll ever since he started evolving beyond post-prom make out songs and channeling the musical magic of the Grateful Dead.

Yesterday was his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift’s birthday. He’s laid some pretty awesome dissing on her in the past. He’s also done a stand-up job at ignoring awkward confrontations with her in the past. But yesterday he publicly went there with some shade on Twitter, proclaiming that December 13 is the “lamest day of the year”

The Swifties went full Swiftie, defending the honor of their Choosen Ice Queen, prompting Mayer to add this:

Whatever. This drama is stupid and, like I said, I’ll defend Mayer’s honor as a Bro King until I die. The real reason I even wrote this is because I just wanted an excuse to relisten to Mayer playing JRAD songs again.

…Come all without, come all within…

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