John Mayer’s First New Song In Years Is The Ultimate Cuffing Season Jam

by 2 years ago

When I woke up on Monday morning, I was genuinely excited about one major cultural event happening this week: John Mayer releasing a brand new single for the first time in years.

As BroBible’s #1 Grateful Dead-loving Mayer fanboy (…read about Johnny crashing my JRAD birthday party back in October here), today Mayer delivered. It’s called “Love On The Weekend” and feels like vintage pop Room for Squares-era John Mayer. It’s causing many Deadheads who recently came around to Mayer to have their faces melted off. The musical juxtaposition is striking —



I don’t really know what these people were expecting, but maybe I’m biased because “Your Body Is A Wonderland” was definitely a song played at my senior prom. Blues Mayer? 25-minute “Samson And Delilah” Mayer? This is what John Mayer does — write great romantic pop songs that appeal to a huge spectrum of people.

“Love On The Weekend”, as one Twitter user pointed out to me this morning, is “the ultimate cuffing season song.” I think that’s 1000% correct. It’s a jam you throw on Saturday morning after waking up next to someone who is a little more than friends, cloaked in your most comfortable hoodie while you make coffee and flip pancakes in a cozy. It invokes a feeling. Is it sappy and corny as hell? Yep. But so is every Jack Johnson/Howie Day/Jason Mraz/John Butler song ever created too.


John Mayer writes heartwarming cuffing season carols and crushes it on the guitar with The Grateful Dead. It’s a wonderful musical duality. And now that the leaves are on the ground and we’re well into cuffing season again, it’s time for him to thrive at what he does best.

Don’t worry, cool music cats. The John Mayer you came to love on tour with The Dead is still out there. He just needs to be another John Mayer for a little while.

Let’s not get greedy.

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