John Mayer Replaced Drinking With Smoking Weed, And His Life Sounds Pretty F’n Good Now

by 2 years ago

John Mayer’s living his best life right now. He’s midway through a sold out Dead & Company tour where he plays and sings the Jerry Garcia parts of music alongside most of the living members of the Grateful Dead (Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Bill Kreutzmann). He also has is own sold-out world tour coming after the Dead & Company tour wraps up. John Mayer‘s making money faster than he can spend it right now, and for the first time in his career, he feels that he’s being fully respected for the talented musician he is. Dead fans have opened Mayer with open arms after he’s proved himself worthy of playing ol’ Crazy Fingers parts.

John’s also quit drinking and replaced booze with weed, and based on the excerpt from his Rolling Stone interview that I just read, it sounds like this decision is working out really well for the dude that used to wear a Speedo in public and date celebs like Katy Perry:

“I put it where drinking used to go,” Mayer, 39, revealed in Rolling Stone’s July 13 issue. “The quality of life has gone up considerably. Drinking is a f—king con. It always felt wrong.”
“I was always the guy saying that I didn’t like altered states,” he admitted. “Once you know who you are, then it becomes OK. I’m much more open-minded to small changes in consciousness. I remember every trip I took. I remember every thought I ever had when I laid there.” (via PageSix)

He was also asked about his ex Katy Perry ranking him as the #1 guy that she’s ever boned. His response to that is proof that John Mayer’s living his best life right now:

“I don’t have a cool enough thought for you,” he said. “I’ve hacked this game. I pay very little for the price of fame now … I’m having the time of my life. I’m 39 — I remember 32. I don’t wanna do it again.” (via)

If, like many of us here at BroBible, you’re a Grateful Dead fan then I’ll leave you with this. It’s a live recording of Set 2 from the Dead & Company show at Lakewood Amphiteater just a few weeks ago (6/13/2017) feature hits like ‘Playing in the Band’, ‘Uncle John’s Band’, ‘Terrapin Station’, and ‘Sugar Magnolia’.

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