John Oliver Brilliantly Shits On America’s Affinity For Pumpkin Spice Products

By now, everyone is familiar with America’s grotesque thirst for pumpkin spice-flavored products. The fandom is out of control. The pumpkin spice flavor has gone from a seasonal latte, that some people (not this guy) looked forward to during the fall, to a full-blown shock and awe campaign of pumpkin spice-flavored shit. It’s wearing the country down. In a year or two I can see this craze fading out. Too much of anything (except golf) isn’t healthy. For our sake, I actually hope this craze fades out, because what’s the next “occasional” treat that money hungry companies will try to force down our throats? I bet it’s the sauce flavor on the McRib, because you would have to be a monster to not love that. So let’s stop doing this, mmmk?

That said, Last Week Tonight had the week off, but that didn’t stop John Oliver from unleashing an attack on Pumpkin Spice via YouTube. Get ’em, John. GET ‘EM!