Johnny Depp And Amber Heard’s Apology Video For Australian ‘Dog Smuggling’ Is Awkwardness Times 1000

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As you may have heard, last year Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard got into a LOT of trouble for bringing their dogs into Australia.

Depp was filming Pirates of the Caribbean 5 at the time so when Heard paid him a visit she “smuggled” their two dogs, Pistol and Boo, into the country without the proper paperwork – a BIG no-no.

There was actual talk that Heard might have to go to jail for this, 10 years with a fine of close to $100,000, plus there was a chance that the Australian government would actually kill their dogs. Seriously.

After much hullabaloo Amber ended up being sentenced to a $1,000 one-month good behavior bond, whatever that is, but she and Johnny also had to make the TREMENDOUS video you see below.

In all honesty, it might the funniest fucking thing you’ll see all week. It looks more like they’re being held hostage than giving an apology.

“Australia is free of many pests and diseases that are commonplace around the world. That is why Australia has to have such strong biosecurity laws,” says Heard completely convincingly.

While Depp drops this little gem on us, “When you disrespect Australian law, they will tell you firmly. Declare everything when you enter Australia.” So serious.

Good thing they’re both actors because I’m guessing neither of them believed a damn word they said during the entire thing.

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