All I’m Watching Today Is Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon Spit Food at Each Other

by 4 years ago

Jon Hamm is a huge television and movie star, so he could easily just go on The Tonight Show and talk about how handsome he is and how many Hollywood actresses he’s banged, but he’s a guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. The Mad Men actor was on with Jimmy Fallon and they talked about their old 80’s sitcom that they both used to be on together. The perfect parody titled, “Palisades Park Pet Patrol,” pegged the VIP’s as “Pat” and “Pete,” patrolmen at the park. Their powerful pronunciation projects provisions such as potato chips, pumpkin pie, Pabst, Hawaii Punch and pretzels on each other. Pabulum painted both parties in this playfully priceless performance. I haven’t seen this much food spit out since I accidentally went into the women’s bathroom during a bulimic convention.

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