Arby’s Released A Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ Video To Jon Stewart For All The Times He Dumped All Over Them

Tonight’s the night that we will see the very last episode of The Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart, after tonight The Daily Show and Jon Stewart (as we know them) are no more. This means that the nostalgic videos are hitting the web at a rate we can barely keep up with, therefore we’re only going to bring you the best of the best of the best. This ‘thank you for being a friend’ video from Arby’s was SO GOOD that Comedy Central actually uploaded it directly to their YouTube channel (and it’s also set to the tune of the Golden Girls song).

You’d think that because it’s one long clip of Jon Stewart taking a hot roast beef right on Arby’s chest that the folks at Arby’s wouldn’t be so happy about it, but the reality is that all those times Jon was eviscerating Arby’s it was free press for the roast beef franchise.

With Jon Stewart stepping down from The Daily Show that likely means the days of free press for Arby’s is over, and if they want to get torn apart by late night hosts on Comedy Central Arby’s will have to pay $$$$$ for that honor. But as one last gesture of good faith Comedy Central was kind enough to disseminate this super cut of Jon Stewart ripping Arby’s to shreds, knowing that this video would go viral.

I’m not the kind of person to get emotional about a TV series/show ending or a host stepping down, but with tonight being Jon Stewart’s last episode of The Daily Show I can’t help but get a little nostalgic. He’s without a doubt the best TV host at making politics an approachable topic for people who don’t care or know nothing about politics.

With him gone I expect to see a massive spike in the major news networks pushing agendas during the election year. It’s going to be strange, and Jon will be missed. Though I suspect he won’t completely disappear from the limelight, and after he’s had some time to sit around and do nothing he’s going to discover that he needs television just as much as television viewers need him.