Jon Stewart Eviscerates Fox News: ’24 Hours A Day Jerking Yourself Off’

by 5 years ago
jon stewart fox news

Comedy Central

Fox News is kind of like that crotchety uncle you see every now and then at a family gathering who has all sorts of opinions and isn’t afraid to tell everyone what they are and how right he is about them all.

Jon Stewart though had an even better analogy. He compared Fox News, which is 18 years-old, to an actual 18 year-old, saying, “You have a massive ego and spend 24 hours a day jerking yourself off.”

Nowhere was that more evident than when Megyn Kelly was tooting Fox News’ own horn for their coverage of Ferguson, bragging about how they didn’t rush to judgment. Unlike how they usually do. So of course, Stewart “congratulated” them.

He didn’t stop there though. There was also a “very special guest” and a montage of Fox News’ biggest fans: Fox News. Hilarious.

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