Why Judd Apatow’s ‘Love’ Is The Best Rom-Com Show To Drop On Netflix In A Long Time

‘Love,’ the original Netflix series brainchild from Paul Rust, Judd Apatow, and Lesley Arfin takes the typical boy-meets-girl, then boy hooks up with girl, and then they drive each other batshit crazy Rom-Com scenario, but adds a satisfying dosage of savage candor to the template; and it’s damn awesome. One of the main appeals of any romantically-themed show/movie is to take a break from the real-life drama, worries, and woes of pretty much any love affair, and to just check out for a bit. With ‘Love’ we’re able to take a look at the ridiculousness that encompasses some realistic hookup/bizarrely romantic scenarios. In the throes of a dwindling relationship it’s all but impossible to maintain a perspective, and appreciate the fact that many other bros out there are suffering through the same bullshit.

The show takes place in Los Angeles and follows Mickey (alcoholic romance addict) who’s introduced getting pounded by her coked-out boyfriend, who straight up screams ‘I am God’s warrior,’ at one point–you might see where that relationship’s headed by the end of the pilot episode. The show’s other main character is an uber passive-aggressive, pencil-necked wimpish bitchrag named Gus. What up Gus. Spoiler alert: Gus and Mickey cross paths amidst an altercation at a 24-hour convenience store at the end, and the episode ends rather abruptly right after.

I’m not entirely sure where the rest of the show’s headed, but I’m damn confident many of my fellow bros out there will appreciate the latest smart, humorous take on modern day love to roll out the Judd Apatow factory. Let’s be real, Apatow’s talented as hell, and most anything that guy dips his hand in is about to be fire.