I Can’t Stop Watching This Chick On ‘Judge Judy’ Completely Butcher The Word ‘Meme’, I’m Actually Crying

by 1 year ago

This Judge Judy clip might only be seven seconds long but I’ve probably spent the last hour of my life watching it on repeat.

There have been some truly memorable mispronunciations on TV over the years, one of my all time favorites is the Bryce Harper clip below in which he pronounces ‘meme‘ as ‘may may’ while putting on chapstick. But this chick, with her ‘let me speak to the manager’ haircut, so confident in her ability to say the word ‘meme’, she manages to butcher it three times in just seven seconds. I can’t stop watching this, and I shit you not when I say there are tears in my eyes from laughter, which is pretty fucking rare these days because I spend all my time on the Internet and have long since past the point of being jaded.

For comparison’s sake, I wanted to include the now infamous clip of Bryce Harper completely murdering the pronunciation of ‘meme’ by slathering chapstick all over his lips and saying ‘may may’ with a shit-eating grin on his face. I’ve also included a Twitter poll from my own account, which I want you to vote in, on which is the funnier mispronunciation:

Now here’s Bryce:

Big shout out to @MentalityMag for sending me this Judge Judy clip!

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