Snoop Dogg’s Dog Has His Own Instagram, Is Surrounded By Enormous Breasts, May Or May Not Be A Slobbery Stoner

Snoop Dogg is nearing 5 million followers on Instagram, his son Cordell has 470,000 followers, but there’s one member of the Dogg Pound that isn’t getting the social media love he deserves: Juelz Broadus, Snoop’s French Bulldog who has just a few thousand followers. I’d never heard of @juelzbroadus until yesterday when I saw Snoop Dogg tag his pet pooch in a few grams, and just like that I realized that I’m jealous of a dog.

Juelz Broadus is Snoop Dogg’s pet French Bulldog, and while he’s only been on Instagram since May 1st it’s already obvious that this dog balls with the best of them. He’s surrounded by huge breasted models, is featured in pictures where Snoop Dogg appears to be blazing joints, he’s known to splay out on the rug next to piles of cash, and he’s already being featured by gossip sites around the world. Methinks it’ll be less than a week before @JuelzBroadus is the most popular dog on Instagram, all it will take is some more pics tagged from the infamous Dogg Father himself: Snoop Dogg.

Here’s a glimpse at the Instagram life of Snoop Dogg’s dog, @JuelzBroadus:

He likes to party:

And last but not least, he’s apparently not fixed:

This dog is about to live the most charmed life in the world. There’s no private dog park in the world that will turn Juelz Broadus away, no hotel that’ll say ‘sorry, we have a no-pet policy’ to @JuelzBroadus. He’s living the dream.

His account his only a week old, so expect big things to come from Juelz Broadus on Instagram in the future!