‘Jurassic World’ Is Absolutely Demolishing Every Opening Weekend Box Office Record In Existence

Put it this way: if Ari Gold was the agent behind Jurassic World, the Bat phone would be blowing the fuck up right now.

Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur epic that resumes 22 years after Jurassic Park left off is absolutely demolishing box office records of every kind, following its Thursday evening release. Jurassic World has surpassed most expectations for its success, raking in some $82.3 million on its opening Friday. In historical comparison, that number is massive relative to anything theatrical box offices have ever witnessed.

Business Insider reports:

That number is the third-biggest debut of all time behind “Avengers: Age of Ultron” ($84 million) and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” ($91 million).

Forbes’ Scott Mendelson reports that if you take away the late-night Thursday numbers, the film actually grossed $64.1 million on Friday alone, which is the biggest “pure” opening day of all time, surpassing the recent “Furious 7” ($52 million) and both “Avengers” films ($63 million and $57 million respectively).

“Jurassic World” is now on track to have one of the, if not the, biggest opening weekends of all time and could gross over $200 million domestically. Early tracking had the film earning about $125 million this weekend [domestically].

Taking foreign box office into account, “Jurassic World” has already earned $212.8 million all in since Wednesday.

That’s a lot of coin coming in for a flick directed by a literal rookie in Colin Trevorrow, whose previous directing credits are limited to one single indie film. In business speak, the execs at Universal fucking love this guy right now. Can’t beat being in the black basically after the opening day.

Safe to say he won’t have a hard time landing his next Hollywood gig.

If you’ve yet to see Jurassic World and need a subtle quench for your thirst of dinosaurs wreaking havoc, you can check out the films’ extended 2-minute trailer here.

h/t Business Insider