Every Easter Egg You Missed In ‘Jurassic World’ Because You Were Too Busy Yelling ‘AWESOME!’ While Crapping Yourself In Fear

Did anyone else see Jurassic World because I did and it was pretty fucking awesome. Oh, it appears as if many of you saw the movie.

Here’s a fun little fact about yours truly — it took me more than 20 years to watch the original Jurassic Park and one weekend to see Jurassic World.

Since so many people already saw the movie, this video won’t be so much of a spoiler.


Even though the movie is only two weeks old, there’s already a Jurassic World easter egg video. Man, people are quick to this  easter egg stuff.

Via Short List:

Colin Trevorrow’s shiny new blockbuster is rather unsurprisingly a nod-fest to Spielberg’s earlier work, and the Jaws reference early on, coming when a great white shark is offered as a light snack for one giant water-bound dinosaur, is hard to miss. But how many more did you get?

Brought to us by Mr Sunday Movies, the following video delves into everything from characters to plot props, be it Ian Malcolm’s chaos theory water-on-palm trick turning to droplets of blood, to his book spotted being read by someone on the monorail – where we can hear Pixar director Brad Bird’s voice on the loudspeaker.

I missed many, if not all, of these Jurassic World Easter eggs because I was too busy hiding behind a bucket of popcorn out of fear. It was THAT scary. The scariest part — $37 for two IMAX tickets. I screamed and cried.

[via Short List]