Justin Bieber May Be Facing DEPORTATION After Egg-Throwing Incident

Anyway, we learned that Bieber is either so bored or so dumb that he'd attack his neighbor. We also learned that a house can really get fucked up when you hit it with eggs—the cops estimated the damage to the neighbor's home at $20,000, making the incident an act of felony vandalism. Radar Online says this could be cause for deportation:

If convicted, the 19-year-old Canadian – who is living in the United States on a work visa – faces the prospect of being sent home.

Said one law enforcement source: “If Justin is charged with felony vandalism and convicted, it’s very likely his work visa, allowing him to live in the United States, would be revoked.

“It could be categorized as a crime of moral turpitude under United States immigration law.”

The insider told Radar: “Be assured that the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office will immediately get in touch with immigration officials to let them know Justin has been charged with a felony. This is a very serious situation.”


Will it happen? Not likely. The idea of Bieber getting deported is not new—look, here's the Huffington Post speculating that he could face deportation for an assualt back in August—and this newest incident seems more like wishful thinking than anything major, especially when Bieber's high-priced lawyers take to the case.

But hot damn, it'd be sweet. Just imagine: Bieber being forced to board onto a plane while a nation cheers; meanwhile Canada awaits him in horror. Somewhere in Germany, his abandoned monkey pumps his fist.