Some Drunk Dudes In Vegas Tried To Beat Up Justin Bieber But The Beebs Wasn’t Having It

Last night Justin Bieber and his bodyguards were getting crunked up at a VIP table inside of Las Vegas’ Light nightclub, and some dudes tried to ruin the Beebs’ perfect night. Bieber, who just last week was in Mexico climbing ancient pyramids in his underwear and acting like a complete dickfritter was in Las Vegas for the opening night of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘All I Have’ residency. Justin was having a great night, chilling with celebs like Rebel Wilson and Kelly Osbourne, and everything was going well until several ‘greaseball Vegas guidos’ tried to throw down and beat up the little boy from Canada.

PageSix has the scoop:

Spies tell us “a couple of greaseball Vegas guidos” tried to get a rise out of Justin Bieber and his bodyguards at Light nightclub on Thursday in Sin City.
“[Bieber] was going back and forth to his VIP table and a couple of jealous males tried to rudely grab him,” said a spy. “They were trying to shove him and start shitt with him as he walked by.”
But Bieber and his guards avoided any incident.
“Justin just rolled his eyes and brushed it off,” we’re told. “He was in high spirits and very gracious to fans who did want to say hello. Those guys were haters.”
But Bieber ended up at Mr. Chow with Lopez’s crew for her afterparty before heading to Light. We hear J.Lo’s manager Benny Medina had all at Mr. Chow chanting “All I Have” after he gave a long, emotional toast.
Medina then introduced DJ Cassidy, who had Bieber and Ja Rule busting moves on the dance floor to “Waiting for Tonight.” Also at J.Lo’s show: Ryan Seacrest, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Leah Remini.

So at the end of the day some drunk dudes were fucking with Bieber but he wasn’t having it…I really, really wish there was more to this story BECAUSE I KNOW THERE IS, but I’m guessing whoever the ‘spies’ are that tipped off PageSix were also drunk as hell. It is after all Las Vegas, a city where you’re not sober for even an instant.

Guessing this is what Justin was trying to tell his haters, wasn’t it?

So let’s discuss here, which would be the better night in Las Vegas? Leaving the club with a story about how you beat the shit out of Justin Bieber because he was acting like a d-bag or somehow befriending Justin Bieber and spending the night partying with him?

As much as a ‘I Punched Justin Bieber In Las Vegas’ custom t-shirt would be awesome, I think the crazy shit that’d go down when spending a night partying with Bieber would trump that tenfold. Maybe I’m alone in thinking that partying with Bieber would be a lot better than fighting him, but I’m curious as to what you bros think would be the more fun night. Hit me with your answers down below in the comments.

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